The accommodation for conference participants and accompaying persons is arranged between September 10th and 13th, 2019, in single, double, triple and quadruple rooms, including breakfast, in Hotel Nad Przełomem, in Sromowce Niżne, Poland, where the conference will be held. The accommodation expenses are not covered by the conference fee. Accommodation is to be booked by each participant individually via internet or by phone:

Phone: +48 530 825 923, +48 182 628 074
Email: recepcja@nadprzelomem.pl
Web: www.nadprzelomem.pl/
FB: www.facebook.com/NadPrzelomem

Hotel Nad Przełomem
From the windows of our hotel, take in the magnificient view of the unmistakeable peaks of the Pieniny mountains - Three Crowns and the majestic Tatras mountains, has an extraordinary view – from its windows you can admire the unmistakeable peak of the Pieniny – Three Crowns and the majestic Tatras mountains, whilste listening to the soothing sound of the Dunajec river, as the traditional rafts go by. Opposite the hotel, on the Slovakian side of the Dunajec, a historic convent - the Red Cloister - can be seen. The hotel has everything you may need for your stay - 45 rooms, a wellness area with swimming pool, sanas and salt cave, a spa, children's playroom, restaurant, and cafe/bar.

Price for a single room: 45,- € / 1 person (1 night)
Price for a double room: 33,- € / 1 person (1 night)
Price for a triple room: 33,- € / 1 person (1 night)
Price for a quadruple room: 33,- € / 1 person (1 night)

Hotel Nad Przełomem

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